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Scope of this Module

This module serves metadata usually needed for editing printed editions. Its metadata fields refer to the bibliographic information about the text edited, e.g. when and where it has been printed or which part of the printed text is covered.



Cardinality Description REQUIRED
1 exactly one yes
+ one or more yes
? zero or one no
* zero or more no

Data Types

Type Description
[…] array
string a sequence of characters, MAY be empty

Module Schema

If you decide to use this schema, make sure to set at least all required fields. Register the module in your main TextAPI in the Module Object.

This module claims the prefix ep-.

Manifest Object

Field Name Cardinality Type Description
ep-section-title ? string the title of the edited section as provided by the print’s editor. SHOULD be set only if a part of a printed text is edited
ep-editor 1 [Actor Object] the editor of the printed text
ep-title 1 [Title Object] the title of the printed text
ep-publisher 1 [Actor Object] the publisher of the print. This typically refers to a firm or another kind of institution
ep-pubPlace 1 string the publication place of the printed text
ep-date 1 string the year of the print’s publication
ep-biblScope 1 string the pages the edited section covers in the printed text in the format pp–pp or full if the complete printed text is edited