SearchAPI for the Ahiqar Project


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Cardinality Description REQUIRED
1 exactly one yes
+ one or more yes
? zero or one no
* zero or more no

Data Types

Type Description
[…] array
string a sequence of characters, MAY be empty
URI a valid URI, see URI Syntax
int a non-negative Integer value

URI Syntax

The URI Syntax is used according to the one described at IIIF.

About this SearchAPI

The used query syntax and objects are prepared alike Elasticsearch`s Search API (v7.13), but not completely similar.

This API is a standalone development especially for the Ahiqar project.


Search Request

POST the following object to the endpoint to execute a search.

Field Name Cardinality Type Description
query 1 Simple Query String Object main object for setting up the query
from 1 int zero-based index of start item in response
size 1 int number of hits to return

Simple Query String Object

This object is specified according to the Elasticsearch Query DSL.

Field Name Cardinality Type Description
simple_query_string 1 Query String Object main query object

Query String Object

Field Name Cardinality Type Description
query 1 string search query see query string rules and Lucene syntax
Query String Rules
  • An empty query string is not allowed.
  • Wildcard only seach is not allowed.
  • Multiple terms are separated by whitespace.
  • A whitespace character as term deliminator is equal to AND by the implementation.
  • Leading wildcard is possible.

Sample Request

  "query": {
    "simple_query_string": {
      "query": "term termina*"
  "from": 0,
  "size": 10

Search Response

Field Name Cardinality Type Description
hits 1 [Hits Object] search result hits
took 1 int time in ms search execution took on back end side

Hits Object

Field Name Cardinality Type Description
total 1 Total Object properties of the hit list
hits 1 [Hits Array] sequence of hits (ordered by score)

Total Object

Field Name Cardinality Type Description
value 1 int number of total hits (in this scope: pages)
manifests 1 int total number of distinct manifests in hits
matches 1 int total number of matches (equal to the sum of all values from occurrencesOnPage)
relation 1 string eq (from Elasticsearch), means that there are exactly this number of total hits available

Hits Array

This describes a single object from the hits array that MUST be present but MAY be empty.

Field Name Cardinality Type Description
item 1 URI path to the item context, w/o base uri
label 1 string label of the manifest see TextAPI
n 1 string page number as in tei:pb/@n see TextAPI
matches 1 [ match object ] array of matched strings according to the search terms (useful to present matches when using wildcards). Cannot be empty by definition.

Match Object

Field Name Cardinality Type Description
term 1 string exact matched word or phrase
occurrencesOnPage 1 number number of occurrences of this exact match in scope (page)

Sample Response

  "hits": {
    "total": {
      "value": 2,
      "relation": "eq",
      "manifests": 2,
      "matches": 5
    "hits" : [ {
      "item": "/api/textapi/ahikar/syriac/3r678-186v/latest/item.json",
      "label": "Cod. Arab. 236 Copenhagen",
      "n": "123v",
      "matches": [
          "term": "term",
          "occurrencesOnPage": 3
          "term": "terminal",
          "occurrencesOnPage": 1
    }, {
      "item": "/api/textapi/ahikar/syriac/3r678-126r/latest/item.json",
      "label": "Cod. Arab. 236 Copenhagen",
      "n": "126r",
      "matches": [ 
          "term": "terminal",
          "occurrencesOnPage": 1
    } ]
  "took": 678